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Oct. 29th, 2008 @ 10:18 pm Chula's Excellent Adventure Part 1
This Chu Feels:: amusedamused
I thought I would share this..

Has anyone gone on vacation on a very long trip and was really bored all along the way to get where you gotta go, well to pass time and amuse myself these pics are told through Chula,a plushie Pika I have that well likes to play dress up..LOL..Last time we went up north in 2002 on the same trip I had a Hamtaro plushie that I used to tell the tale of the trip.. Hey it gives me something to do and be creative about it, Kinda like that guy who traveled the world and took pics with that knome figure he had..We traveled by van over 26 hours from Florida all the way up to Conneticut to visit family and stop and see sites along the way.

THIS IS PART ONE covering our trip to the Amish country in Lancaster Pennsylvania.......PART 2 will cover when we went to Conneticut with more crazyness..

Ok here we go, be prepared for lots and lots of photo's, I had taken 716 pics and I narrowed them down to 461,the ones Pokemon are in, Yes it's still nuts but it shows all the highlights..

Saying Goodbye to my Boyfriend and my Little Chihuahua for 2 weeks..He was so awesome taking care of my house and my dog for all that time.

And we are off on a very long road trip, thankfully we have a van and the couch opens into a bed, needless to say I snoozed alot to pass time away.

First stop was at this factory outlet mall


First hotel in North Carolina

I found a stowaway, aparrently my boyfriend snuck him in my suitcase when I wasnt looking before we left..

Snack Time at Midnight

Chula comes out of hiding

Then goes to sleep

On the road AGAIN

Next stop South of the Border....

Chula has an accident

Then has to clean it up

Sharpedo attacks

Yey for Hua Hua's

I'm such a Tourist

Chula finds a hat she likes

and so do I

Chula is a photo whore

Lunch at Denny's

Pineapple Dreams RULE


Chula snacks

While her Mom PikaSue plays on the DS


KUNG FU PANDA????all it was was garbage on a truck but the way the bags wrapped the garbage it looked like a panda.

Hotel Time in Virginia

Chula wants to play a game

Time for Bed

The next morning our van didnt start and we had to call Triple A to jumpstart us.

Our first destination state to visit Lancaster aka the Amish country

Our nice Suite we stayed in for 5 days

Amish Country

Ah yes the name of towns in Lancaster...

The HIGHLIGHT of my Dad's Trip,Shady Maple, He loves this place and talks about it all the time..It is one of the Worlds largest Buffet's and underneath it is one of the Biggest Giftshops too..

Funny thing is of all the seating they sat us at table 25...Pikachu's pokedex number..LOL...Coinsidence?

Chula spots her fave food in the whole wide world

Downstaires they have an AMAZING gift shop, it's where I first discovered the Aye Chihuahua Collection and had to buy 14 of them.I'm still missing 9..LOL..

All Full but we come back 2 more times to eat here AGAIN..ACK

Day 2 in the Amish Country

Chula wears her Fall Dress and Photo whores firstthing in teh morning in the hotel lobby.

We go to the Kitchen Kettle, a really neat village with shops, and it's located in INTERCOURSE..LOL...

I Choose You Goldeen

Chula meets new friends

More Amish Peeps

Ah Crap Chula spotted THEM

and I had to buy her one if not I would have gotten THUNDERSHOCKED

Enjoying her Cookie

Yummy Jellies

No Photo's LOL...I'm such a Sniper

Bought this in this store

BACK AGAIN..and guess what they sat us at table 25 AGAIN...I was like this is too weird...They must have known I was comming...

Chula finds a bed in the giftshop downstaires and takes a nap.

Found these too

Next day we go to a crazy place called the OutHouse, think Spencers and Wonder Works all in one...

This dude was in the womans bathroom

This day we actually ate at Olive Garden

More Amish Paradise

Chula wants to be Amish

Next day

We stop at a place called Dutch Wonderland, it's a genereic Disney is what it is, a really really generic Disney.

WTF HMM doesnt Disney do this??? Even some pins were rip offs of our designs, only with there generic princess characters.

More Shopping

Ah Crap Not Again

They have Pokemon in the Amish Country......(o~_^o)

Stay Tuned for PART 2 of Chula's Excellent Adventure
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