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Share your love for Pikachu in FanArt, Stories,Cosplay, Collections and anything related to Pikachu.

Welcome to the Luv of Chu, an LJ community for Pikachu Fans of all ages, As known as Pikachu's biggest Fan myself I along with other fans now have a place to share anything related to the yellow furred, red cheeked shocker..Here you can share your fan art, fan fiction, cosplay,pikachu collectables you have or want,and anything else related to the Chu in the anime or in the video based games...and talk of Pichu and Raichu are welcome as well, after all they are a part of him as well.....(o~_^o)

Welcome Aboard and most of all Have Fun, if not Pikachu will Thundershock You.......

So come on in and introduce yourself and share in the love for the Chu...Once this community gets going I will have contests once a month in various things and give everyone a chance to win Pikachu merchandise..(o~_^o)